Weisheng Pharmaceutical. Food and drug safety inspectors drop in at the plant from chargers marcus gilchrist mens jersey time to time. But the inspectors aren exactly neutral guardians of public health. They work for the city government, which is a part owner of the parent company of Weisheng Pharmaceutical. That kind of relationship between food and drug inspectors and China booming agricultural and pharmaceutical industries is coming to the fore as an issue in the food safety debate. The former chief of the state Food and Drug Administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, was given the death sentence Tuesday for taking $832,000 in bribes dolphins reshad jones youth jersey to let unsafe drugs on the market. One Zheng aide was sentenced to a 15 year jail term last authentic giants phil mcconkey youth jersey autumn, and a second was accused in May in the bribery scandal. A survey earlier this year said more than three fifths of Chinese worry about whether the food they eat is contaminated or adulterated. Observers of China food and dietary supplements industry say many larger companies, such as Weisheng, are well managed and obtain key global certifications. At the sprawling Weisheng plant, uniformed employees bustle about on neatly swept walkways, entering production areas where assembly lines purr. Machinery seemed clean, although managers barred a visitor from taking photographs in factory areas. industry in China is bifurcated between top notch companies that are highly skilled and do all the right things, and the second and third tier producers, some of which are just sloppy steelers ike taylor mens jersey bucket shops, said Peter Kovacs,
was speechless at first titans kamerion wimbley youth jersey when he learned last week that prosecutors planned to clear him, said Vanessa Potkin, an attorney from the Innocence Project in New York who has represented him with the help of the Illinois Innocence Project at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Barry Scheck, co founder and co director of the New York group, said Gonzalez voiced sympathy for the victim and said he hoped that the perpetrators would bobby wagner womens jersey be caught. Gonzalez has maintained his innocence for decades, Potkin said. "He’s obviously anxious and excited to see his family again," she said. Gonzalez, who lived in Waukegan, was tried during the 22 year tenure of State’s Attorney authentic nate washington womens jersey Michael Waller, who retired buccaneers bruce carter womens jersey in 2012 following revelations that prosecutors had disregarded forensic evidence that contradicted their conclusions and worked to prevent men from walking free even after DNA had indicated their innocence. It is not clear whether Gonzalez will be freed after his scheduled appearance in Lake County court. He is a Mexican national who had once obtained a visa, but that expired after he was arrested, Potkin said. Attorneys have been working to try to make sure Gonzalez can remain in the country if he’s freed, Potkin said. Deporting him upon his release would be "a huge travesty of justice," she said, since he planned to seek citizenship before authentic nick foles womens jersey he was imprisoned. "It’s only the wrongful conviction that makes his status in the country illegal at this authentic giants cullen jenkins womens jersey point," Potkin said
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