The Annual Conference of Eurochild 2013 is organized in Italy with the collaboration of the following entities, thanks to whom the organization of the different sessions and paralell initiatives is directed to boost and give emphasis to the issue of children and youth participation at national level and in the city of Milan which hosts the conference.

Layout 1 National Ombudsman for Children
The Authority for Children and Adolescents has the task of promoting the implementation of the measures under the New York Convention in the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents. May express opinions to the Government on drawings or bills examination of the rooms and ask the public authority or public and private to provide information relevant to the protection of persons under the age limit.
ComuneMilanoLogo The Municipality of Milan
The Municipality of Milan is engaged in the wide promotion of everyone’s rights, starting from children: it is written in the Welfare Development Plan approved by the City Council in September 2012. This engagement, carried out daily through the city services, finds its natural consequence in the patronage granted by the Municipality of Milan to the 10th Annual Conference of Eurochild, for its constant work of quality improvement of children’s life.
The Conference theme of this year- the full recognition of children’s role as citizens – inspired the Municipality of Milan to collaborate with the organizers and participate in the “technical groups” allowing the city to take part in the event as much as possible, because supporting children’s participation has now become an irrevocable step of development.

PIDIDA, the Coalition for children and adolescents rights
PIDIDA, the Coalition for children and adolescents rights, is a coordination group, which is open to all the NGOs aiming at promoting and protecting children and young people’s rights in Italy and around the world. The network that gathers 60 Italian NGO, started in the year 2000 when the Italian Committee for UNICEF invited other Italian organizations that work with children to collaborate together in the preparatory process for the United Nations’ General Assembly’s Special Session On Children. The adhering associations chose as objective to work together, to elaborate shared documents and to participate to this international event. In 2003, the Coordinating Committee gained permanency.
Its first objective is to recognize children and young people’s dignity and to promote their human and social development. The PIDIDA Coalition works by using as basic tool the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child (CRC) and its optional Protocols.
The PIDIDA Coalition’ s tasks are:
. to promote the knowledge and the implementation of the CRC and its optional protocols;
. to promote the interaction among the subjects that work for and with children and young people, in Italy and abroad, and promote the development of a common cultural platform based on the CRC;
. to encourage children and young people’s participation in every issue concerning them.
The Coalition is coordinated by a Secretariat managed by the Italian Committee for UNICEF.