Eurochild is a network of organisations and individuals working in and across Europe to improve the quality of life of children and young people. Our work is underpinned by the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Eurochild is funded by the European Commission within the PROGRESS Programme.

Our Vision
A society where children and young people grow up happy, healthy and confident and respected as individuals in their own right.

Our Mission
To promote the rights and well-being of children and young people in Europe.

Our Values

  • Integrity – Good Governance – Partnership & Participation
  • We are committed to putting childrenís rights and well-being at the core of all our work.
  • We are membership-driven. Members inform us, help us define our priorities, and enable us to achieve our goals.
  • We are a learning organisation. We continually monitor and evaluate what we do and strive for excellence in all our work.
  • We work in partnership. We seek external alliances to enhance our impact on the lives of children and young people.
  • We are a listening organisation. We want the voices of children and young people to be heard, as well as those of people who are working with, and caring for, them.

Our Goals

  • Putting childrenís rights and well-being at the heart of policy making.
  • Building a community of professionals that integrate childrenís rights and well-being into their daily work.
  • Giving a voice to children and young people.
  • Changing the way society views and treats its children and young people.
  • Developing the Eurochild network in order to deliver a powerful force for change.

Eurochild was founded in 2004 and has today 119 full and 42 associate Members in 35 countries.